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Пройти тест

Placement Test for Elementary, Intermediate, First Certificate and Advanced Language Practice

Underline the answer which best answers the question or fits the space.

0        Where are you from?
A I’m France.               B I’m from France.               C French.               D I’m French.

1        How old are you?
A I have 16.               B I am 16.                C I have 16 years.               D I am 16 years.

2        Are you having a nice time?
A Yes, I’m nice.            B Yes, I’m having it.             C Yes, I am.             D Yes, it is.

3        Could you pass the salt please?
A Over there.             B I don’t know.             C Help yourself.            D Here you are.

4        Yesterday I went __________ bus to the National Museum.
A on               B in               C by               D with

5        Sue and Mike __________ to go camping.
A wanted               B said               C made               D talked

6        Who’s calling, please?
A Just a moment.         B It’s David Parker.         C I’ll call you back.        D Speaking.

7        They were __________ after the long journey, so they went to bed.
A hungry               B hot               C lazy               D tired

8        Can you tell me the __________ to the bus station?
A road               B way               C direction               D street

9        __________ you remember to buy some milk?
A Have               B Do               C Should               D Did

10        - Don’t forget to put the rubbish out.
- I’ve __________ done it!

A yet               B still               C already               D even

11        You don’t need to bring __________ to eat.

A some               B a food               C many               D anything

12        What about going to the cinema?
A Good idea!             B Twice a month.             C It’s Star Wars.             D I think so.

13        - What would you like, Sue?
- I’d like the same __________ Michael please.

A that               B as               C for                       D had

14        __________ people know the answer to that question.
A Few               B Little               C Least               D A little

15        It’s not __________ to walk home by yourself in the dark.
A sure               B certain               C safe               D problem

16        __________ sure all the windows are locked.
A Take               B Have               C Wait               D Make

17        I’ll go and __________ if I can find him.
A see               B look               C try               D tell

18        What’s the difference __________ football and rugby?
A from               B with               C for               D between

19        My car needs __________ .
A repairing               B to repair               C to be repair               D repair

20        Tim was too __________ to ask Monika for a dance.
A worried               B shy               C selfish               D polite

21        I haven’t had so much fun __________ I was a young boy!
A when               B for                C during               D since

22        Sorry, I don’t know __________ you’re talking about.
A that               B what               C which               D why

23        I’m afraid you __________ smoke in here.
A could not               B don’t have to               C are not allowed to               D can’t be

24        Everyone wanted to go out __________ John.
A apart               B unless               C however               D except

25        Honestly! I saw a ghost! I’m not __________ it up!
A having               B laughing               C making               D joking

26        Eat everything up! I don’t want to see anything __________ on your plate!
A left               B missing               C put               D staying

27        Take the A20 __________ the roundabout, then turn left.
A right                B as far as                C along               D heading north

28        I really hope you can find a __________ to this problem.
A result               B way               C conclusion               D solution

29        Could you watch my bag while I go and get a cup of tea?
A Of course!          B Never mind.          C If you don’t mind.         D It doesn’t matter.

30        In my country, it is __________ the law to watch an X-rated film if you are under eighteen.
A under               B against               C over                       D beyond

31        Rebecca had to __________ the invitation, as she was busy studying for her exams.
A take off               B put back               C turn down               D get away

32        Police __________ that a terrorist group might be behind the kidnapping.
A suppose               B fancy               C suspect               D accuse

33        When Christopher smiles, he __________ me of his grandfather.
A remembers               B recalls               C rethinks               D reminds

34        The wonderful smell of freshly __________ coffee hit us as we entered the store.
A crushed               B smashed               C ground               D pressed

35        Mike’s dad wouldn’t __________ him go to school with a red streak in his hair.
A allow               B permit               C accept               D let

36        If only I __________ made that phone call!
A wasn’t                B didn’t               C hadn’t               D haven’t

37        I like Mary for her friendly smile and her __________ of humour.
A sense               B manner               C way               D impression

38        These shoes are very __________ for walking in the mountains.
A practical               B functional               C realistic               D active

39        __________ of the credit for our success has to go to the Chairman, Peter Lewis.
A Several               B Much               C Enough                D Sufficient

40        We were surprised that over 500 people __________ for the job.
A wrote               B applied               C enquired               D requested

41        The children watched in excitement as she __________ a match and lit the candles.
A scratched               B struck               C rubbed               D scraped

42        Sorry about Kate’s strange behaviour, but she’s just not used to __________ lots of people around her.
A had               B have               C having               D has

43        Ivan kept running very hard __________ none of the other runners could possibly catch him.
A even though               B however               C despite               D as

44        ‘I did this painting all __________ my own, Dad,’ said Milly.
A by               B with               C for               D on

45        You __________ better check all the details are correct before we send it off.
A would               B had               C should               D did

46        This game is __________ to be for five year-olds, but I think a two year-old could do it!
A expected               B required               C obliged               D supposed

47        Just put this powder down, and it should __________ any more ants from getting in.
A prevent               B avoid               C refuse               D forbid

48        When Jonie __________ to do something, you can be sure she’ll do it, and do it well.
A gets on               B takes up               C sets out               D brings about

49        __________ we get to the top of this hill, the path gets much easier.
A At the time               B Eventually               C Once               D Finally

50        Fifty-seven? No, that __________ be the right answer!
A can’t               B mustn’t               C wouldn’t               D needn’t

51        __________ happens, I’ll always be there for you!
A However               B What               C Whatever               D No matter

52        Can you __________ to it that no one uses this entrance?
A see               B deal                C ensure               D get

53        A __________ debate ensued, with neither side prepared to give way to the other.
A warm               B heated               C hot               D boiling

54        I’ve drunk milk every __________ day of my life, and it’s never done me any harm!
A particular               B individual               C single               D one

55        The version of the film I saw had been __________ censored.
A strongly               B deeply               C great               D heavily

56        He promised to phone me at nine o’clock exactly, and he was as __________ as his word.
A true               B good               C right               D honest

57        There has been so much media __________ of the wedding that I’m completely fed up with it.
A circulation               B attention               C broadcasting               D coverage

58        If I were you I would __________ clear of the area around the station late at night.
A stick               B steer               C stop               D stand

59        Turning back now is out of the __________ .
A agenda               B matter               C question               D possibility

60        Joe’s fear of enclosed spaces __________ from a bad experience he had when he was a child.
A stems               B leads               C starts               D flows


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